4 BAR Map Sensor with billet adapter block- for 1.6 16v (not 8v)TDCi /HDi 2004-2010



The MAP sensor or the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is a sensor that measures the changes in vacuum pressure and sends a signal to the ECU. The ECU then calculates the engine load and calculates the fuel and timing. These have the higher reading of 4 BAR, as opposed to the standard 3 or 2.5 BAR, meaning higher boost pressures can safely be used. Please only fit on the recommendation of your Tuning Specialist,  WILL NOT FIT OTHER ENGINES OR YEARS, as incorrect replacement may damage your ENGINE.

Max “Usable” boost PSI 2.5 bar sensor…20 psi

Max “Usable” boost PSI 3.1 bar sensor ..28 psi

Max “Usable” boost PSI 4.0 bar sensor…42 psi

When most modern turbos, especially Hybrids can operate at +30 PSI the need for a 4 bar sensor is a must! Up until now the only direct upgrade map sensor was a 3.1 bar option.

We have designed, manufactured a CNC billet anodised adapter block to allow the VW 4 bar sensor (narrow probe) to be directly bolted to the original MAP sensor fitting point.

Will blend in and make the new 4 bar sensor look factory fitted, Built to last, Nitrile sealing washers that are oil resistant, comes with stainless bolts and washers.

3 options available to purchase…

Geniune Bosch 4 Bar map sensor with short wiring harness only

NB Styling Map sensor adapter block only

BOTH 4 Bar map sensor etc and NB STyling Adapter block


For those fitting this sensor to the Fiesta mk6 1.6 TDCI, you will need to cut off the existing MAP sensor plug and connect/solder the new harness to the 3 wires as so…

Wire 1.    to  White/green

Wire 2.    to  Yellow/green

Wire 3.      NOT USED

Wire 4.    to Brown/green




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