CP4 Intercooler Upgrade for Fiesta 1.6 TDCI (MK6)



This kit contains all the hoses and alloy pipes required to fit the RS Focus mk2 intercooler OR the AIRTEC Intercooler as an upgrade to the standard Fiesta mk6 1.6 tdci intercooler. It also contains a blanking kit to seal the boost sensor hole in the intercooler. The kits for either intercooler contain ALL the hoses, alloy bends and stainless clips to change the original set up from turbo outlet to inlet manifold! The hoses are a minimum internal diameter 51mm which represents a MINIMUM 56% increase in air volume. If you are tuning your tdci then there is no point in fitting a larger intercooler if you leave the tiny diameter standard pipes to restrict the airflow into the engine. 

I run the RS Intercooler set up on my own vehicle as it offers excellent value for money, with a significant drop in intake temperature, and no noticeable increase in turbo lag. The RS intercooler is over 70% larger than the standard TDCI one, and is the largest intercooler that will fit in the space available.

The Kit will require some trimming to the radiator cradle and front panel to fit the either Intercooler. This does not require removal from the vehicle.

Fitting Instructions included


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