Hybrid turbo – Fiesta 1.5/1.6 tdci (95hp) 2011-2016 TD02H2



The Hybrid TD02H2 features a larger billet compressor wheel and machined housing. The Turbine wheel has also been enlarged to allow more gas flow. In tests this turbo had better response and pick up than the standard turbo. With supporting mods, induction kit and better flowing exhaust and a good remap this turbo has seen 152bhp and 285ft lbs. (a mk6 fiesta ST is 148bhp and 150ft lbs for comparison).

If you are looking for a recommended mapper for this engine and turbo combination, we highly recommend MATT REIDY of REIDY REMAPS in Yeovil. He has a lot of experience mapping these engines and gets very good results! 

If you current turbo is working but you just want an upgrade and more power then this is perfect for your TDCI. However we would advise that if your current turbo has blown and clogged up your engine that you dont fit this hybrid as a lot of work is involved in replacing a blown turbo compared to swapping a working turbo for a new hybrid one, and even then if followed to the manufacturers requirements we have found further failure is common!


TURBO WARRANTY (12 month) Parts and labour for turbo repair only.

The turbo must be fitted by a professional garage following manufacturers guidelines as your receipt for this work will support any warranty claim.


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