NBS PERFORMANCE- Focus RS mk3 410-430hp Hybrid turbo



NBS Performance Hybrid Turbo for the Focus RS 2.3 MK3


Capable of 410-430hp * (with supporting modifications )

Larger uprated Billet Impeller

Larger turbine wheel

uprated 360 degree thrust bearing and actuator

Direct bolt on, in place of original turbocharger.

**For this Hybrid we require you to supply us your old unit **



We make our hybrid turbos to give the most reliable power they can straight out the box. No confusing list of upgrade options that can add £££s to the final price.

As stated this turbo is tried and tested and consistently produces between 410-430hp with supporting modifications, those being (as with any performance car build).

Better breathing in the form of an induction kit

Better air cooling in the form of an uprated intercooler

Less exhaust pressure in the form of a larger performance exhaust



Probably the most important element in bringing all your modifications together to get the best performance. For nearly 10 years we have used and highly recommend Matt Reidy of Reidy Remaps in Wincanton Somerset. To get the most power out of your set up there is no substitute for a dyno live remap as no two cars are alike. Give Matt a call to discuss your needs.




When installing a turbocharger please ensure upmost cleanliness at all times and please prime the turbo with clean oil.

Disable the fuelling on the vehicle, do not connect the oil drain pipe and crank the engine in short bursts (without allowing it to fire) to force oil through the feed pipe and through the bearings. Once oil is through the bearings (and is visible draining out the bottom of the turbo) reconnect the oil drain, re-enable the fuelling and fire the motor.



Our warranty covers parts supplied only, we cannot cover any labour costs associated with fitment, removal or re-fitment of a part nor do we cover any costs arising due to the fitting of parts that we suppled.

All performance figures quoted for hybrid turbochargers are based on feedback and dyno figures from reputable tuners with whom we work – we cannot be held responsible for dyno figures not being achieved due to variances in engine condition, supporting mods, hardware and mapping procedures. All figures quoted should be used as a guide only.




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